Cotton and Acrylic Seed Poncho

This Cotton and Acrylic Seed Poncho is both stylish and practical. This knitted poncho has a tactical textured pattern which will keep you warm throughout the seasons.

The asymmetric shape of this poncho has an attractive slash neckline, which can be folded down to form a collar, or tucked in for a more natural look. The Seed poncho will suit most body shapes and is comfortable and easy to wear with smart linen trousers, jeans, or simple leggings, worn over a top for an effortlessly elegant style.

Within the design, I have included a side opening, which can be worn on the left or right so that you do not feel constricted, especially when driving, and it’s also useful when carrying a handbag or shopping bag. If you feel that you would prefer not to have the opening, just let me know.

An ideal travel companion folds and packs small, and is more practical than any cardigan or jacket.

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