Clematis Blue Cotton Lace Infinity Scarf


A handmade stylish Clematis Blue Cotton Lace Infinity Scarf with an airy lace weave pattern, is a scarf for all seasons.

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Clematis Blue Cotton Lace Infinity Scarf, a stylish all-seasons must-have, knitted in 100% super soft Italian cotton. This easy-to-care-for scarf is practical and offers warmth when you need it. Which allows you to introduce on-trend seasonal colours into a multitude of outfits and extend your wardrobe wonderfully.

The Infinity scarf has a reversible, airy, open lace weave design, which makes it double thickness, but still retains a fluid drape. The Clematis Blue Cotton Infinity scarf has been designed to be worn as a single-twist scarf, for a statement scarf, it can be worn in a single loop. The infinity scarf feels wonderfully soft and strong and is beautiful to wear. A real must-have scarf.




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